Administrating Resources


Administrating Resources – True wealth comes from the quality of the resources, not from their quantity. Resources are everywhere. I know, because of the general negativism current that acquired the whole world, you have the tendency to say that you don’t have the resources to begin. However, as a human being, you are different from other mammals, as you have a whole gamma of emotions and feelings at your disposal. The mammals are only responding to their instincts, but you can do better. There are many advantages if you are human: imagination, education, the power to choose…but not any of them is as important as the capacity to dream. You can dream about anything. Of course, after you are awakening, you must get out of your bed to work for that dream.

If you look carefully, people that have a dream walk around the street differently. They have brighter eyes, a faster walk…because they know where they are going; they are not just walking around the streets randomly. Be one of them. Look for a dream and dedicate yourself to it. If your dream is being financially independent, you will have to learn financial intelligence and personal accounting.

Let’s get back to money. It is hard to make an empty bag to stand straight, isn’t it? How is your bag? I know you work a lot, but you are doing it without a proper plan. I bet you are as rich as you were in your first working day. On the second thought, I think you are poorer. I bet you already have one or two credit cards, maybe a credit and a mortgage. This is why you can consider yourself even poorer than before…now you have little money, but we must talk about it. Don’t neglect the importance of small money. Small money brings big money if you are smart. You probably had a big laugh seeing a rich man waiting for the dimes at the cashier in a mall. He knows the value of money, and maybe he started only with those dimes as an initial capital. It is a paradox how the poorest persons are leaving the highest tips in the restaurants, as if it wasn’t enough that they left their monthly paycheck on an exclusive dinner. They are also buying the most expensive cars, smartphones, and clothes, most of them on credits from the bank. Stop being like that and start paying attention at your small expenses, because they are the key to your wealth. Of course, you are thinking that you won’t pay attention to small details when you are wealthy, but you will see that those reflexes and habits will remain. Don’t forget that a small hole will sink any ship if it isn’t fixed in time.


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