How to TRIM your QBW file?

How to TRIM your .QBW file ?

What is a W9 form

What is a W9 form When someone requests taxpayers' Tax Identification Number (TIN), this is the form you should use to verify the information. 2...

Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop

Quickbooks Online (QBO) Vs Quickbooks Desktop Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop: It is an often question the difference between the desktop version and the online...

How to file 1099 Misc via Quickbooks ?

How to file 1099 Misc via Quickbooks ? There are a few key areas an accountant should know before file 1099 Misc via Quickbooks. Identification...

2021 What Is Accounting Anyway?

2021 What Is Importance In the modern business, context accounting is a fundamental section of any business and it generates critical and sensitive information to...

Important Tax Types and Filings Deadlines

Below are the main Tax Types important for any business in USA. Brief discussion points and respective deadlines are mentioned below…

QuickBooks Online: How to Upload Transactions Manually?

Basically, there are two methods 1. Upload the .qbo file from directly from the bank 2. Upload the .csv file (Download the transactions history and prepare it as an uploadable file then upload.

An Evaluation on 1099 Filings

It is time to work on 1099 filings, refer below information regarding 1099 filings.

Accounting- Where we are in 2021?

Its the start of a new year, as the accountants we should rethink about our industry and its growth.

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