Personal Financial Intelligence

Personal Financial Intelligence

Personal Financial Intelligence: Today we will talk about financial intelligence at the level of the individual or family. You can’t learn those things from school or from any other institution of our current society. There are places where you can learn what to do with the money, how to invest them, how to make them work in order to bring more money. However, the number of people that have large sums of money is small, and they are usually not interested in this topic. Therefore, learning those things will only amplify your bitterness. Let’s face it: at the current time, you are far away from that goal.

However, the next advices might help you to achieve this goal. If you want to invest, you will need something to invest. Try to get over reproaches and angry feelings: I should have saved, I should have spent money for other purposes, should, would, could. Things are the way they are and your initiative must start today. Learn how to change your way of thinking in order to achieve your long waited financial independence. However, the true financial intelligence begins with a plan. You must stick to it, as this is the first and most important advice connected with those concepts.


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