The First Rule of Individual Accounting


Individual Accounting: Any person that can spend only 80-90 percent of his earnings will get rich. It is mathematically proven. If we are talking about financial success, other words aren’t necessary. The numbers are the only ones that count. What would it mean to live with 80-90 % of your earnings?

It means saving 10-20 percent of your total earnings every month. Yes! This is the way! Thank me for enlightening your path, and start calculating. Once you see the actual figure, 200-400 dollars from 2000 won’t sound so appealing… I mean, think about the new TV you could buy with that money. This is wrong! Your old TV works just fine, and the money will surely stay better in the bank. This habit has something magic in it. It disciplines you, then it will start to earn money for you. You will only need to be consequent. The beginning is a little harder, you might also be tempted to renounce now and then. You will say that it is already impossible to live with a small salary; therefore saving from it is even harder. I know it is hard. Been there, done that. However, remember your engagement to yourself. Make yourself a useful habit: before paying any debt, or any bill, transfer the 10 % in the savings account. Then, it will be a lot easier. Once you will see the money saved after one year, you will truly understand the value of this decision.

As a responsible person, you will learn how to adapt to any sum. At least you will only spend what you have. Maybe it will be hard for you, but there is no other solution. If you want to have money, you will have to start from one point, and saving that 10 percent is the perfect beginning.


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