Weed Legalization in Louisiana


Weed Legalization in Louisiana: The push-in Louisiana legislature to legalize the recreational use of marijuana is over at least for now.

A bill to decriminalize marijuana possession in small amounts is still alive though at the state capitol. The Louisiana House has rejected a bill to tax the sale of pot. The bill’s author, State Representative Richard Nelson then tabled a separate measure that created the legal framework to sell and possess recreational marijuana. The Mandeville republican said while his bills fell short, they changed the conversation in baton rouge.

The Louisiana sheriffs and district attorney’s associations work to kill the Marijuana bills while the legalization effort is dead. The house did agree overwhelmingly to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Weed Legalization in Louisiana Background:

Weed Legalization in Louisiana
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People’s views over marijuana Appear to be changing in the State of Louisiana.

The bill introduced into the Louisiana house of representatives decriminalized the possession of marijuana as well as legalize the sale and use. Thereof house bill number 264 the case for cannabis is a short 22-page bill authored by state representative Richard nelson from Mandeville who said that support for legalization has grown exponentially in the past few years.

The people want this passing this bill in the next election would allow Louisiana to build its own industry up while sale through state lines would still be illegal. Everybody will admit that it’s going to be legalizing at the state level eventually and so the longer we wait with that the more you know the younger our industry is going to be here in Louisiana.

According to Nelson, legalizing the sale of marijuana with regulation would generate massive revenue lines for the state, having all this money being captured by the drug cartels and drug dealers. State can create it, catch it, capture through legitimate businesses. There’s a significant opportunity cost if it delays it a couple years. So, every year you delay it’s 100 million to 200 million dollars that we lose.

Representative Mandy Landry from New Orleans said that it’s time for Louisiana to stop wasting valuable resources on fighting something that isn’t dangerous. It’s easy to regulate it for a consumer looking to buy recreational marijuana the bill makes doing so pretty simple and straightforward.

Weed Legalization in Louisiana FAQs:

What will this Legalization look like?

Is it going to look similar to the legalization we’ve seen in California and Massachussets the recreational side of it would pave the way for what we See in 17 other states and Washington, DC, which is the creation of licensing dispensaries that would actually sell marijuana to delts for their private use.

What would this legislation Mean for past offenders? (People who have had a previous Marijuana conviction)

The state legislation does not address the issue but If it’s legalized, going forward one of the constitutional questions is what happens to people who have been past offenders the same matters that are no longer illegal.


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